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40-day Consecration/Fast January 1- February 9
GOD is taking you beyond you this year!
A whole group of us are going to “fast” 40 days starting TODAY…Consecration to Transition to the NEW. We believe the Bible is the standard measuring road for our life and it is the mirror to our Spirit. For daily devotion we will follow Fasting Basics by Jentzen Franklin (link below)
Lou Engle, Rick Joyner and other prophetic voices are also calling out… It’s time!
The details for this fast are listed below:

1. Divine Acceleration
2. Super to Our Natural
3. Divine Alignment and Order
4. Purging, Cleansing, and Purifying
5. Wealth Transfer
6. Restoration of Family and Family Relationship
7. Wealth Transference
8. Protection for the Church and Our Families
9. Mission Trips
10. Harvest of Souls/Revival
11. Guidance from the Holy Spirit
12. Transition from the Old to the New
13. Freedom from the Addiction to Sin
14. Help with Financial Troubles
15. For Negative Emotional Feelings and Habits
16. Humanitarian Needs for Others
17. Major Life Decisions
18. Health and Healing
19. Influence on Others
20. For Protection Against Personal Dangers
21. Prioritize Time to be in the Presence of God Daily

GOD is taking you beyond you this year!

40 Day Fast

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