Helps Ministry

RH Helps 2The Mission for this ministry is to allow the body to serve the body through various acts of service and to be able to provide for people in their times of need.

We want to be available to help people by providing transportation for things like doctor’s appointments, drop off and pick up of children from 
school, making meals, cutting grass, shoveling snow, and hospital visits along with many other areas that are needed. We want to show the love and compassion of God for those in tough situations. If you or someone you know are in need of help, please contact Darnice at 443-271-5698 or fill out this form (also below) and we will contact you. 


We are looking for people who have a passion for people and to fill needs. You don’t have to do everything, if you love to cook then cook, if you love to drive then drive. If you are interested in serving in this ministry you can contact Darnice at 443-271-5698 or fill out this form (also below) and we will contact you. 


How are you, we pray all is well with you.  This is Redemption House Life Center. We are contacting you through our Helps ministry. We want you to know that we are praying for you. We appreciate and love you in Christ Jesus.

We are reaching out to see how we can assist you if needed in any way.  We cannot promise we can meet all your needs, but we are connected to the one who can, “Jesus”,  and we can sure try, and remember prayers are being answered. We also have physical resources that can help as well.

You may email us at : or text, some of our prayer team and leaders, references below:

Chris Wohlegemuth- 443-271-3688

Michael-  410-908-2106

Jamie- 443-440-1440

Marie- 443-221-0528

Anna – 443-883-5287

Valerie- 410-908-2106

Colleen- 443-757-7995

Sarah Perkins- 443-942-1223

Pastor Tracy Whittington- 443-871-1866

We also have a 12 hour Prayer Line for all those who would like to remain anonymous for prayer request.  The number to call is  844-GET-Prayer.

We really pray you stay connected (you need to take action because this is a spiritual war we are in and we need HIM more now than ever.)

We pray to see you soon

If you are feeling alone, we want you to know that you are not alone. Please contact us with your testimony when the breakthrough comes.  We want to celebrate your life with you.  Please allow us.

Your friends at RHLC team





Help Needed Request Form                                                Volunteer Sign-Up Form

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