Son’s & Daughter’s Class (Become a Member)

We call our new member’s class Son’s and Daughters, because our heart is not only to welcome you to our church family, but also to help you learn more about yourself and where your heart and ability to serve in the Kingdom is. Our belief is that a crucial step in knowing God is simply coming into an awareness of the way God sees you as a Son or Daughter. We seek to know and understand that passion(s) that He has placed in you. To learn this information, we have exercises that will reveal your love language(s), your spiritual gifts, personality traits, and personal mission statement.

We have found these tools help you to know more about yourself, how to understand and relate to others, and how God wants to use you. We will also go over aspects of our church and answer questions that you may have. You will learn more about who we are and the various ministries we have. Covering a more spiritual aspect, we will discuss the benefits of having a corporate anointing, corporate blessing, and the power of agreement.

Our Classes will be close to quarterly and although we cover a lot of information, everything is taught and completed in one day, usually a Saturday. If you want more information about Son’s and Daughter’s, please email us at and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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