Holy Convocation

October 28th – 29th, 2022

Holy Convocation

Please join us for our Holy Convocation on October 28th & 29th, 2022 for the Apostolic Commissioning of Pastor W. David Whittington to the Office of Apostle.  Friday Oct 28th at 7:00pm and Saturday Oct 29th at 5:00pm with food to follow.  Please come dressed in business casual or “fancy” for Saturday at 5:00pm!  This event is imperative to our church and the surrounding areas as we embark upon a new journey as an Apostolic house.  We are an Apostolic hub and Pastor David has always walked in the anointing of being Apostolic.

This is not anything we asked for, this was speakers prophesying over Pastor David and wanting to do this, It started with many speakers.  Two speakers really kept after Pastor David and the RHLC pastors about holding this commissioning ceremony, as an Apostolic Hub and Pastor David being Apostolic. So this is very humbling to both Pastors David and Tracy, this feels different to them, they do want to be honorable to the leaders and they do understand the spiritual responsibility in the Kingdom. They are so humbled and grateful.

We are excited to welcome many speakers and guests from across the country who will be present and virtual to witness this affirmation of our beloved Pastor David.  There will be many other great speakers that will be sharing that may not be on the flyer! 

This event will be streamed live and recorded on Facebook and YouTube.

Holy Convocation – A convocation is an assembly of people, and a Holy Convocation is a sacred assembly of people that is generally used as an appointment of office.  Our Holy Convocation at Redemption House Life Center will be a special commissioning ceremony.  For the elevation to office as the Apostle and the Apostolic Hub, that for many years RHLC and leadership have been prophesied over, now it is coming to pass.

You are invited, please join us to be a witness and accountability partner in this commissioning ceremony.