Click Here to see out Calender

Click Here to see our Calender


(see Pastor Tracy for Details)

April 29-April 30 Special Guest Dan Mohler & Chris Burns:

April 30 10 Hour Burn Saturday 12pm – 10pm

Sunday 10am, 2:30pm, & 7pm

May 6 Sons & Daughters 10am – 6pm

June 3 CPR & First Aid Training:

2 Separate classes: 10am – 2pm & 3pm – 7pm

July 8-12 Freedom Fest: RHLC

July 30-August 2 Encounter School with Abner Suarez:  RHLC

Abner is very trained in supernatural encounters.  There will be many encounters.

September 13-September 16 Supernatural Life Conference:  Harrisburg, PA

October 17-20 Voice of the Apostles: Lancaster, PA

December 16 “Miracle of Christmas”: Sight and Sound

Lancaster, PA

Please start preparing for the financial cost because we want everyone to be able to come.  Please see Facebook for details.

These conferences and trips are a big part of the heart of our ministry and everyone is welcome to come. Please see Pastor Tracy if you are


Open Heavens Women’s Conference – October 2017
Building Champions Men’s Conference – November 2017