Day 14

September 4, 2023

Day 14: Gospel of John Chapter 14

Jesus has mentioned it before, but the fact that He will soon be leaving is the main point of this chapter. And He makes a couple of promises in regard to this. 1) He goes ahead to prepare a place for us (14:2-3). When people think of these verses, they often envision mansions lining the streets in heaven, each one with a different person’s name on the front door. They imagine Jesus, again as a carpenter, lovingly framing the walls and carpeting the floor of an eternal home prepared especially for them. It’s probably not exactly like that. But whatever it’s like, it’s a place where we’ll be able to be with Christ, and He with us forever. 2) He promises to come again. (vv. 3,18,28). Though He has to go away for a time, it won’t be forever. The disciples, and those of us who have come to love Jesus since, will see Him come again. So, does that mean we’re alone now? Not at all. 3) He promises to send the Holy Spirit. (vv. 16-18,26). Just as Jesus came in God the Father’s name, the Spirit comes in Jesus’ name (v. 26). The Spirit will continue to teach us and remind us of what Jesus taught. The Spirit won’t be God in the Flesh; He will be God in the hearts of those who love Him. Our job now is to continue living the way Jesus demonstrated, showing love for Him and compassion for others. And when you need help, the Spirit, the Divine Counselor will be there to assist.