Day 4

August 25, 2023

Day 4: Gospel of John Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of John contains the well-known and much-loved story of the woman at the well. But as you read the chapter today, don’t skim it. Force yourself to take in every word. Ask God to help you see this amazing passage of Scripture with fresh eyes. In the last chapter, we saw a theme begin–the theme of a new spiritual life, of being born again into an everlasting life through belief in Jesus. In this chapter, we find that spiritual lives, like physical lives, need nourishment. Jesus begins by discussing spiritual thirsts. He says that a person only needs to ask Him and He will give water that will drive away thirst forever. The woman asking for this water doesn’t quite get it. So, Jesus drives the point home by asking that she go bring her husband to Him. The woman had a spiritual thirst for a relationship but after five husbands, she was still thirsty. That’s the thirst Jesus wants to quench–the thirst for a deep, meaningful relationship. Jesus talks later to His disciples about spiritual hunger that is satisfied through doing the will of God. There’s many people who have yet to hear about God, many opportunities yet for the spiritually hungry to be filled. Is your spirit being nourished today?