Day 7

August 28, 2023

Day 7: Gospel of John Chapter 7

Welcome to day seven. We hope you’ve been challenged and encouraged over the last week and that you’ve realized that God wants to connect with you through the Bible. When we read of Jesus and see how He lived, we see a very real example of how we should live our lives. An issue that was raised in chapter 5 comes back in today’s chapter. In chapter 5 Jesus healed a lame man and told him to take up his mat and walk. But the Jews considered carrying a mat to be work, and since the healing happened on a Sabbath, this man who hadn’t walked in 38 years was breaking the Law. Not only that, but because Jesus did the healing, and healing was considered work, Jesus also was breaking the Sabbath. It was this issue that the Jews in Jerusalem were raising. The Jews who thought they were honoring God by condemning the act of healing on the Sabbath only showed how ignorant they really were of God. We make the same mistake today. We think we understand God and what He likes and doesn’t like so we make a bunch of rules to keep people in line. Unfortunately, these rules can also keep people away from God. You can get to know what God really wants, though, by spending time in the Word. My prayer is that in this last week God has already shown you something you never knew about Him.