Day 9

August 30, 2023

Day 9: Gospel of John Chapter 9

The disciples begin this chapter by raising a question a lot of us have asked. They see a man who was blind from birth, and they feel pity for him. It must have been terrible living in such a state, and such misery could only be the result of sin. Right? Jesus’ answer to the disciples’ question is understandably hard to swallow. “‘It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him'” (9:3, ESV). In other words, this man was born blind and lived blind so that one day Jesus could heal him. It wasn’t punishment for someone’s sin or the result of someone’s carelessness; he was blind so God could display His glory. Does that sound cruel of God? The fact is, all of us are born in an equally miserable state. We’re all born blind to spiritual matters. We’re all born with a sinful spirit and a rebellious nature awaiting the day we meet Jesus. The problem is, some people, like the Pharisees, don’t recognize their own blindness. It’s easy to look at a physically challenged person and see his or her limitations and feel sorry for that person. But as Jesus pointed out time and again, it’s possible to be physically whole yet spiritually disabled. Do you know someone who hasn’t yet meet Jesus? Maybe you’re in his or her life to make the introduction. More than anything, Jesus wants to restore that person’s sight and show him or her the glory of God.