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Building Champions Men’s Conference 2021
“Living From the Mind of CHRIST”
November 12-14, 2021

What an exciting time it is as we prepare to experience another amazing and supernatural Building Champions Men’s Conference “Living From the Mind of Christ. BCMC has always been a radical weekend where men receive all that they need from the heart of the Father. It’s a gathering of Champions in the making. We have seen lives transformed, bodies healed, hearts made whole, and the release of exuberant joy through prayer, praise, worship, teaching, and fellowship with Holy Spirit as the life of the party. Men ~ it is ok to have emotions and know that you can get set free from the struggles of life that keeps you down. The “War Cry” is going out to the region and calling all men to return back to Living From the Mind of Christ. Join us as we engage in this year’s Building Champions Men’s Conference with host pastor, Pastor David Whittington, our speakers include Charlie Shamp, Elder Roy Curry, Barnabas Fadope, Clive Kerr, and Matt Garza. If you are unable to join us in person, please make sure you tune in to our Facebook and YouTube live feeds during every session!

Living From the Mind of Christ happens in in person and live online November 12th – 14th, 2021
(speaker schedule coming soon, please check back)

Friday, November 12th

Saturday, November 13th

Sunday, November 14th

Revival Harvest Supernatural School
(this session open to students, interns, licensed ministers, and staff only)