#ShareThis #RHLC2022 #IdentityRestoration #WhoAreYou January 30, 2022 (one day only) This is a time with Ray Leight for you to be able to slow down from the busyness of life and get to know yourself. With the help of a trained Identity Coach, you will take inventory of your heart and find out the truth of your identity, your unhealthy beliefs, how you self-protect, and what God has available for you. You will be equipped with the information necessary to be able to choose the truth of who you were created to be, and empowered to live the fullness of that truth. You will find identity, acceptance, understanding, love, and purpose.

We live in a generation that are not going to follow blindly – Praise GOD!!!
We are really living in a critical hour!
But we don’t need just people that ask questions
But soldiers who know why we are in the war.
Soldiers who know there is a greater cause than their own lives
We are Transformed by Beholding HIS Glory and we begin to shine in this world as the light of JESUS in the Anointing . So, Thank you for joining us and welcome to Redemption House Life Center’s live broadcast. We are a presence driven church going after the Father’s heart. As you join our virtual worship and message today, we pray that you encounter God’s presence.
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