Hi Friends and Family,

Tuesday Night Training for Reigning is a special time of prayer and fasting as we have entered the Holy Week as we are preparing for a major shift in the nations. We believe GOD to shut down this pandemic and come through in biblical supernatural ways that usher in the 3rd Great Awakening. This week on Tuesday at 7pm we are preparing for Passover by an online Seder Teaching with Rabbi Fred Lessans. We are blessed that the death angel is passing over our families and asking mercy on all the inhabitants of the land. GOD reveal your amazing heart to all mankind in the midst of this difficult time. We remember our roots and are taking Communion/Seder if you have the elements for either: Key symbols of the Passover Seder. Everyone is asked to at least do your best for Communion. Can be as simple as you like.

We have incredible leaders joining weekly who are creating a time of training, interaction, and connection with deep dives into the Bible