Day 13

January 21, 2023

Day 13

Focusing on God and who He is each day will bring healing, spiritually,physically,emotionally,mentally and financially. Give glory to God as you focus on His goodness, faithfulness, mercy,grace, love and greatness. Focusing daily on these six attributes of God, gives us a complete picture or filter of grace. The Lord’s Prayer is a great prayer to help us think about the goodness,faithfulness,mercy,grace,love and the greatness and glory of God.

Calling God our Father,helps to remind us that we are His son’s and daughter’s! He is our Shepherd and we shall never want, cause He loves and cares for us in many ways.. He is a great papa! But is that enough? We know that God loves us,provides for us and so much more, so how can we still be going through hard times? So we should keep our minds focused on His goodness and greatness that keeps us covered under the shadow of His wings. Our great God sits on the mercy seat and His dunamis healing power reminds us how He reigns and rules in the heavens and is in control. He has all the power that we need to make it through tough times. Lastly we need to give God glory. When you “hallow” God’s name (or make it holy), it is a helpful reminder that life is not all about us.  As we pray strategies and even the strategies that Jesus has given us, we will hit the mark or target and not miss.

When you get up in the morning, your number one priority should be to get in the right mindset for your day. First things first – simply focus on who God is! Focus on His goodness, greatness, glory, and ask Him to help you see everything else through that filter. Remember, it’s not about what you do.  It’s about who God is.

Pray like this: ‘Our Beloved Father, dwelling in the heavenly realms, may the glory of your name be the center on which our lives turn. Manifest your kingdom realm, and cause your every purpose to be fulfilled on earth, just as it is in heaven. We acknowledge you as our Provider of all we need each day. Forgive us the wrongs we have done as we ourselves release forgiveness to those who have wronged us. Rescue us every time we face tribulation and set us free from evil. For you are the King who rules with power and glory forever. Amen.’

Matthew 6:9‭-‬13 TPT

Excerpt from The Happy Intercessor, by Beni Johnson, page 44 – “ one of the meanings for intercession is to ‘strike the mark.’  This phrase derives from the Hebrew word, pagaPaga means ‘to meet’; it is the violent part of intercession.  Job 36:32 tells of a violent paga meeting: ‘He covers His hands with lightning and commands it to strike[the mark].’  

If we are going to be a people who pray with an offensive purpose, ‘hitting the mark’ in our prayers, we must be on a quest to search the heart of God.  How can we do that?  Where do we go to find God’s heart?  We go to His Word to find His heart.  I find it interesting that the word Torah comes from the root word yarah, which means ‘to shoot straight,’ or ‘to hit the mark.’  God has given us the Bible to show us His heart.”

Papa God, we thank You that when we stay focused on You and Your attributes rise up through us.  We have the capacity to love others as You have loved us. We thank You for teaching us how to pray and how to hit the mark by showing us Your heart of what matters. We ask You to break our hearts for what breaks Yours.  We thank You for teaching us that we must ask and believe we will receive.  We thank You that in these 21 days we will know how to surrender, rest in Your arms and to love You and others in a deeper, intimate way.  We declare this by faith in Jesus Name!