Day 18

January 26, 2023

Day 18

During this time of fasting and prayer, have you felt a shifting in divine alignment in areas of your life?  Do you know you have access to the Father according to His will through Jesus and praying in Jesus’ name?  Jesus did the will of the Father and when he prayed it was according to that will.  We have the same access that Jesus had and we should pursue asking by the name above all other names, Jesus.  What are you currently believing for according to the will of the Father?  Are you pursuing and praying according to what you have access to, which is all things?  Ask the Father to help deepen your understanding of His will for your life today.

And when that time comes, you will ask nothing of Me [you will need to ask Me no questions]. I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, that My Father will grant you whatever you ask in My Name [as presenting all that I AM]. [Exod. 3:14.] Up to this time you have not asked a [single] thing in My Name [as presenting all that I AM]; but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive, so that your joy (gladness, delight) may be full and complete.

John 16:23‭-‬24 AMPC

Excerpt from The Happy Intercessor, by Beni Johnson, page 49 – “As the Prayer Pastor, I get a lot of emails from all over the world.  Many of the emails are asking for emergency prayer or have a high prayer alert.  Many are good, but many are so full of fear that I must reject the spirit that is attached to them.  I refuse to pray out of fear.  What I will do is just stop and ask God how to pray about the crisis and for His direction.  I stay focused on God and not on the crisis.  When you move your prayers into fear, you can’t possibly get a clear handle on how to pray according to how Heaven is praying.  We must be like the sons of Issachar; we must understand and know what to do.  Staying focused and keeping to the plan is most important.” – Beni Johnson

Papa God, we thank You that You guide us when we don’t know how to pray, all we have to do is ask You and You will lead us through each situation.  Help us to stay focused on what You are saying to us and walk in it during our prayer and fasting time.  Also help us to have a prayer and fasting lifestyle that brings us closer to Your heart and fills us up with more of Jesus attributes, we declare this by faith in Jesus’ Name!