Day 9

January 17, 2023

Day 9

When we experience stagnation in our relationship with God for whatever reason, we must be willing to surrender again and again. This must be the first step to rekindling the fire within! We need to tell the Holy Spirit that we surrender our day to Him and ask Him to tell what He has for us to do as we surrender each day .  Becoming Obedient in surrendering to God,should be a decision that you make each and every day. Full surrender to God means we cannot straddle a fence and have one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom,it says in Revelation 3:16 -that we are living lukewarm and He will spew us out of His mouth.

We must know that obedient surrender is a glorious life. It’s the most satisfying life if you’re a believer. 

But to get there we must want a fully surrendered Kingdom life. Just think with full surrender we are covered with total grace. True believers should never want to live a half-way life! Being a christian is a full time ministry , not a part time 0ne.God wants you to be a full time follower of Jesus just like the disciple.

When you fully surrender to God, He fills us with His Spirit that quickens our mortal bodies so that we can live in His presence and this will put a hunger for His Word to become energized in His glory.

About this time in your fast, you may be experiencing some fatigue. Let yourself have extra rest if you need it. You also may be experiencing achiness, irritability, or fogginess. All of these symptoms are normal and will pass. Make sure you keep your water intake up. Keeping your water intake up will help flush out the toxins that your body is releasing and help relieve the symptoms more quickly. Finally, more than ever, this is the time you have to be vigilant about your spiritual focus.  Prayer and fasting are offensive strategies that we have available to us to use and to take territory and move the ball down the field.  Great days are ahead, and you will be glad you pushed through this day and didn’t give up!

And don’t get drunk with wine, which is rebellion; instead be filled continually with the Holy Spirit.

Ephesians 5:18 TPT

Excerpt from The Happy Intercessor, by Beni Johnson, page 39 – “On a football team you have a defensive team and an offensive team.  The defensive team tries to steal the football from the opposing offensive team.  The defensive team will try to figure out the offensive team’s strategies and plays.  The offensive team, however, has the advantage in that they have the ball.  With their skill and different plays, they proceed to carry the football down the field to make a touchdown.  The offensive team calls the plays, for they have the ball.” – Beni Johnson

Papa God, train us that getting drunk as the world does, puts us into true rebellion that has us walking in witchcraft that keeps us from having the full empowering of the Holy Spirit. Instead, help us to continually get drunk in the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit that quickens our mortal bodies to hunger for more of being in Your Presence day and night, night and day. As we draw closer to the Holy Spirit, let the ears to our heart’s be open to hear what direction to go in to fulfill the call and purpose of how You want Your Kingdom built. We declare this by faith in Jesus’ Name!