Day 6

January 14, 2023


What does a secluded time and place look like to you? Is it a quiet room in your home? Is it a secluded trail in the forest? Does it change from season to season to reflect the availability to get away according to your busy lifestyle? During this fast, find an intentional space and time to be removed from others and busyness around you. Carve out the time and space to get reconnected to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Ask for your heart to desire deeper intimacy and walk with God.

“At daybreak the next morning, the crowds came and searched everywhere for him, but Jesus had already left to go to a secluded place. When they finally found him, they held him tightly, begging him to stay with them in Capernaum.” Luke 4:42 TPT

Excerpt from The Happy Intercessor, by Beni Johnson, page 29 – “Once renewal hit our church, everything began to change. One of my favorite things that happened during that time was that God began bringing so many of us into that deep, intimate place where we could truly experience his love.  At times, many of us felt like his presence was so heavy on us and in us that we would never come out of it.” – Beni Johnson.

Heavenly Father, how will we ever know You more and deeper without being drawn closer to You?  Father, Your presence brings fullness of joy and we get lost in the All of You.  Father, we have had our times in Your presence corporately. Yet still, You are calling each of us even more so closer individually unto You. Intimacy is a key in this next level we can not ignore.  You are calling each of us so deep still. Father, may we all hear Your voice for ourselves and respond to Your presence which is rest, peace, joy, great love, and much much more. We love You, Papa God. In Jesus’ name, amen.